Nadia and Alf Taylor Foundation

Caribbean Harvest foundation

CHF was established in 2005 by agronomist Dr Valentin Abe after he visited Haiti and observed that there were no fish in Haiti's lakes and thousands of destitute fisherman on their shores.

Dr Abe set about developing a sustainable fish hatchery and now has one of the largest solar powered fish hatcheries in the world. Dr Abe provides fishlings, alongside a cage and enough feed for 3 months to fisherman on the banks of the lake. The fisherman take care of the fish and Dr Abe buys them back off them fishermen once fully grown and ready to market. 

The Nadia and Alf Taylor Foundation is supporting CHF to roll out this program with a new village on the shores of Lake Peligre.



School for Life was founded in 2008 with the idea of providing high quality education to children in rural areas of Uganda. SFL now educates over 560 children per year at a primary school level but is expanding into secondary school in 2018. In addition to this, SFL also provides health care, vocational training and agricultural projects to the wider community.

The Nadia and Alf Taylor Foundation has partnered with SFL in the construction of schools, access roads and operational costs to ensure this work continues into the future.

Major partners

Minor partners

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Hope Builders International
IDF Australia
Macquarie University - Centre for Motor Neurone Disease Research
Planting for Hope Uganda
Rivers of Life Mission
Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind
Salvation Army
Tasmania Police
US humane society

Previous partners

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Armenian Catholic Church Council
Camp Quality
Cancer Council
Child Cancer Institute
Diabetes Alive
Diabetes UK
Eagle Raps
Friends for all Children
Glaucoma Research
Jeans for Jeans
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Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
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